Suitable for wide range of samples;
High speed;
Efficient refrigeration system;
Small foot print;
Rapid acceleration and deceleration to speed up molecular

Multi- purpose centrifuges

Refrigerated multi purpose centrifuge with the
combined advantage of capacity & space-saving.
For both fixed angle and swing-out rotors
Wide range of application.
Various rotor options for multiple purposes.
Easy touch control.
Cooled using CFC free, environmental friendly refrigerant

Ultra centrifuges

Ideal for DNA, RNA, & protein separation
12 x 13.5 mL and 6 x 38.5 mL rotors up to 50,000 rpm
(243,000 xg and 254,000 xg)
Vacuum and sealing constructed to minimize air friction at
super speed rotation
Self-lock rotor coupling, triggered by centrifugal force while
Automatic rotor identification by photo sensor

High Speed centrifuges

Ideal for sub-cellular organelle separation
Exceptional usage for 8 x 50 mL up to 30,000 rpm (almost
100,000 xg)
Maintenance free durable induction motor
Soft motor shaft for stable rotation of heavy rotors
Automatic half-atmosphere vacuum control at over 22,000

Large Capacity centrifuges

Suitable for blood banks and large sample handling
Optimized for consistent separation of plasma, buffy coat,
RBC, etc.
Dual ramp acceleration and deceleration profile for gentle
and quick running
Ergonomically arranged control and large display with
comprehensive information
Imbalance cutoff and tracking
Excellent temperature control

Clinical centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in
hospital, university, and laboratory
Maximized flexibility with large assorted accessories for using
tubes from micro to 50 mL
Ideal for concentration of small number of cells on a specific
region of a slide