Microcentrifuge – Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

Micro-centrifuges – High speed
Efficient refrigeration system
Rapid acceleration and deceleration to speed up molecular works
Ideal for DNA/RNA Precipitation,


Recommended for :
cross-matching test in blood banks
Hematology and buffy coat analysis
Cytology experiment
For the concentration of small number of cells on a specific region of a slide
Specifically designed, light polycarbonate rotor

Clinical / Medical Centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in hospital, university, and laboratory
Maximized flexibility with large assorted accessories for using tubes from micro to 50 mL
Ideal for concentration of small number of cells on a specific region of a slide.
Serum/ plasma separation, Total Lipid extraction, PRP, e.t.c.

Multi-Purpose Centrifuge

Refrigerated multi-purpose centrifuge with the combined advantage of capacity & space-saving.
For both fixed-angle and swing-out rotors
Ideal for
Serum/ Plasma separation
Microalgae, plant extract , antibody separation and e.t.c.


Ultra / High Speed Centrifuges

Ideal for :
DNA, RNA, & protein separation, Concentrating Virus,
sub-cellular organelle separation
Nano-particle separation
Fruit juice pelleting, e.t.c.
Exceptional usage for 8 x 50 mL up to 30,000 rpm (almost 100,000 xg)

Industrial centrifuges

Tubular type industrial centrifuge for continuous treatment
Ideal for:
Silica separation, sea-water separation, mud separation, e.t.c
Speed : 15,000 RPM / ​15,800 xg
Max. Capacity : 2,200 L/hr ​ when the density is 1 g/mL