Bio Saftey cabinets

Bringing a range of Bio saftey cabinets, safety ventilation hoods
and Reagent safety cabinets.
Class ll type A2 biological safety cabinet, Duct type fume hood,
Ductless fume hood and Air-tight reagent safety cabinet .


Top loading autoclave used to sterilize a variety of apparatus and
supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at

Water Bath

PuriBath, Water bath used for thawing of freeze-stored sample,
storing of sample at constant temperature and for various
enzyme reaction experiments

Shaking Incubator

Puri Cell- Shaking incubator which provides aeration-agitation
environment suitable for cell culture


Puri Cell- Incubator - Forced convection incubator to realize
stable and precise temperature distribution by digital PID control

Low Temperature Incubator

Puri Cell- Low - Low Temperature Incubator to support a wide
temperature range, Energy-saving efficiency increment.