Rapid Cooling Quick Freezer

With automatic water supply system, overflow protection and US NSF certified filter, IF300-150
Series provides extended safety and convenience.
Twin screw mechanism supplies uniform flake by crushing to have homogenous particles.
02 Ice maker


Bang Bang series shaker is general solution for mixing biological
goods, compound mixture and extracts. Specially designed
mixing mechanism is rotated not by the motor but by
electromagnetic force that eventually provides silent and
accurate operation.

Disposable Cell Culture System

CELBIC is the first disposable cell culture system developed ito
reduce the risk of contamination by 5-20% and reduce initial
investment costs, operating costs and environmental pollution
by using disposable cell culture bags.
The disposable cell culture system can cultivate antibodies, stem
cells, flora and fauna cells, etc., and finely control do, pH,
temperature, etc.

Bio Saftey cabinets

Bringing a range of Bio saftey cabinets, safety ventilation hoods
and Reagent safety cabinets.
Class ll type A2 biological safety cabinet, Duct type fume hood,
Ductless fume hood and Air-tight reagent safety cabinet .


Top loading autoclave used to sterilize a variety of apparatus and
supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at

Water Bath

PuriBath, Water bath used for thawing of freeze-stored sample,
storing of sample at constant temperature and for various
enzyme reaction experiments

Shaking Incubator

Puri Cell- Shaking incubator which provides aeration-agitation
environment suitable for cell culture


Puri Cell- Incubator - Forced convection incubator to realize
stable and precise temperature distribution by digital PID control

Low Temperature Incubator

Puri Cell- Low - Low Temperature Incubator to support a wide
temperature range, Energy-saving efficiency increment.

Drying Oven

PURI VEN Forced convection drying oven used for drying sample,
executing moisture analysis and sterilizing various experimental
apparatus including glasses.

Vacuum Oven

PURI VEN –Vacuum, Drying Oven for the application of drying
sample which is sensitive to high temperature and has risk of
oxidation, and of analyzing moisture in samples.

Suction Master

PURI SUC, Compact suction master for eliminating harmful liquid
or waste sample promptly onto a work table

Vortex Mix

PURI MIX, Compact vortex mixer for simple mixing of liquid
sample. Changeable mixing speed. Powerful performance and