Labscale Lyophilizers

Lab scale -65 / -90 / -120℃
The lab series Table Top Freeze Dryer includes a combination of ultra
low temperature free-zing technology and vacuum drying technology.
They are suited to various requirements of customers by modular
combination of each functionality and flexibility.

Pilot Scale Lyophilizers

Pilot scale -85 / -120℃
Pilot scale freeze dryer is optimal solution for scale up operation prior
to industrial scale production. With various application and assessment
of efficiency, pilot scale freeze dryer helps customer to find desirable
condition and parameter for perfect drying result.

Plant scale Lyophylizers
for pharmaceutical , Bio/Food Industry 50~300kg/Batch

Plant scale -85 / -120℃
Equipped with high quality stainless interior/exterior, automatic
process program with various recipes, powerful refrigeration system
and low energy consumption, Bio/Food plant type lyophilizer is
optimal solution for your application on probiotics, extract mixture,
functional food and long term storage adaptation.