PN1130 Isocratic Pump

The Postnova PN1130 Isocratic Pump is a solvent delivery system
which has been specially developed and strictly optimized for the
best performance in Field-Flow Fractionation.

PN1150 Quaternary Pump

The PN1150 Quaternary Pump (Low Pressure Gradient pump) is a
bio-inert HPLC/FPLC solvent delivery system to convey liquids for
analytical and semipreparative applications.

PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter

The PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter (S3) module is a
microprocessor-controlled metering pump which allows precise
and automated outlet splitting of the eluent stream leaving the
FFF channel.

PN8000 Fractionation

NovaFFF Software

The NovaFFF software is based on a “one Software for all devices”
strategy, incorporating system control, data collection and data
evaluation as well as reporting.