Nabi – UV/VIS Nano Spectrophotometer

The Nabi – UV/VIS Nano Spectrophotometer is a compact
absorbance measuring device that can process cuvettes and
micro-volume samples in one instrument, and can use the
spectrometer technology to more accurately and conveniently
measure from single wavelength to spectrum analysis.

Mobi – Microplate Spectrophotometer

Mobi is a monochromator-based microplate spectrophotometer
that enables faster and more accurate measurement of a wide
range of applications from nucleic acid and protein quantification
to cell-based measurement and ELISA. with a wide wavelength
range from 185 to 1,000nm

Lumi – Single Tube Luminometer

Lumi-Single Tube Luminometer is a compact luminescence
measuring device. It is a compact and compact design. It is
more convenient to measure light emitted from
chemiluminescence reaction using PMT procedure more
conveniently through 7.0`` touch LCD screen. .

LuBi–Microplate Luminometer

A luminescence measuring device that measures the amount of a
specific gene (DNA, RNA) in a sample using light from a
chemiluminescence reaction.
Automatic dispensing function and PMT technology, and the plate
adapter function enables the use of 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96 well

Large Capacity centrifuges

Suitable for blood banks and large sample handling
Optimized for consistent separation of plasma, buffy coat,
RBC, etc.
Dual ramp acceleration and deceleration profile for gentle
and quick running
Ergonomically arranged control and large display with
comprehensive information
Imbalance cutoff and tracking
Excellent temperature control

Clinical centrifuges

Benchtop centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in
hospital, university, and laboratory
Maximized flexibility with large assorted accessories for using
tubes from micro to 50 mL
Ideal for concentration of small number of cells on a specific
region of a slide